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Welcome to Scream Designs! We offer cheap premade & custom designs to everyone. Please check our packages to see which one fits you best.

I’m back <3

Yes, I know that it took me FOREVER to make a post here. I have no idea why it took me so long, to be honest. Well, I’m back now and I’ve got some new packages that I will soon be adding. Actually, it’s a bit more like one package. It’s not on the packages page or on the order form yet because I haven’t gotten to updating those, but let’s just say that this won’t strictly offer services to fansites anymore.

What does that mean?

Well, the new package revolves around a specific forum software / host that isn’t really compatible with fansite servers – although, if an owner owns their domain name, they could easily attach it to a subdomain. Yes, this means that we’ll now be offering forum skins on Scream Designs. Right now, I’d prefer to focus on skins that use animanga-style images but I’d be more than happy to attempt something with celebrity photographs.

Kuroko no Basket Forum Skin
Vocaloid Forum Skin
Vampire Knight Forum Skin
Miscellaneous Anime Forum Skin

The current skin examples are obviously geared toward roleplay forums but they can easily be modified for celebrity discussion forums. The only catch is that forum skins take a lot longer to work on because I like to discuss specifics over email and/or Skype. That doesn’t mean that I’ll ignore it, of course, but all non-roleplay forum skins will just take longer simply because I can’t just use the standard tab and link names (if hard-coded navigation is requested).

In any case, feel free to start ordering forum skins right now. Keep in mind, though, that my skins are specifically designed to be used on Jcink. The styling can certainly be converted for other softwares but you would be on your own with that.


  • Site Name
  • Forum Link
  • Images to Use
  • Navigation Links? (see examples)
  • Top-aligned userbar?
  • Tabbed Header / Sidebar?
  • Fonts to Use? (provide Google Web Font and / or DaFont links – it must be available on Google Fonts or have a free download available)

Fill that form out and send an email to screamdesigns@gmail.com with the subject line “Forum Skin Request – Roleplay” or “Forum Skin Request – Celebrity Discussion”. The subject line will, of course, depend on the forum topic / purpose.

Icon Sale!

We are doing a sale on icons! Customers who purchase icons in groups of a hundred (100, 200, 300, etc.) will receive 20 free icons per group with their order. This promo only applies to those paying with PayPal and use the promo code “20free”.

Tutorial Section redesigned

I’ve finally changed the layout for the tutorial section. It’s a little less grey now. I’ve removed some tutorials since I no longer use the needed program.


Regarding orders

I’ve lost all files for the current pending list, but I’ll see if I can recover them.

No Longer Accepting PayPal

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we can no longer accept orders made with PayPal – rather than burden our current clients, we just decided to update the packages. The downside? No more discounts. If we’re not accepting PayPal for orders, then there’s no reason to have them.

New Onliner – Dreamful Demi

Dreamful Demi recently put up the WordPress layout that we coded for them. Go check it out!

Christmas Sale – 50% off everything

Well, nobody ordered when I offered for a day, so I thought, why not extend it until Christmas.

How does this work? Well, unfortunately, you still have to pay, but you’ll be charged only half of what’s listed as the package price. Then, when you place your order, you type in “CHRISTMAS” in the “Anything else?” box.

This sale ends on Friday, December 23, 11:59pm MST (Mountain Standard Time).

All orders completed – orders open!

I’ve completed all of the pending orders. By this, I mean Priya since the other customers failed to get in contact with me – I was busy with schoolwork, which is the main reason I asked for everyone to contact me to tell me whether or not they were still interested; they didn’t, so the orders were canceled.

If you ordered before August 19, and you did not receive your order. You might be able to order again, free of charge. However, this only applies if you were still on the pending list before October 7.

Anyway, orders are, once again, open! I’ll also be doing a special promo. The first three people to order an uncoded layout will receive their orders for free. I’ll also make one free coded WordPress OR Coppermine theme. This offer does not apply to the WordPress & Coppermine bundle. This offer is available on a first come, first serve basis. However, everyone that orders before November 13, 11:59PM MST, will get 50% off on their orders – this is equivalent to the discount that university/college students receive.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go order!

Announcement regarding pending orders

With the exception of Priya, I need everyone who has ordered from me to send me an email to let me know that they still want their order. If this is not done by October 7, 2011 11:59pm MST, the orders will be canceled. I do not want to do this, but I need to know which clients still want their designs completed.

Before sending your emails, be sure to go over the rules.

Three New Onliners!

If you check the sidebar, you’ll notice that three onliners have been added. You can either go there, or click the links below to check them out!

Lauren Alaina Web
Chord Overstreet Online
Chord Overstreet Imagery

The summer promo is officially over! However, StarsZZ hostees are all eligible for discounts.